Diagnostics FAQs

How do I get reports for my order?

A softcopy of your reports will be sent to your registered e-mail address and also be present in your profile in the website. A hardcopy of your report will be sent to your home address by post within 3-5 working days. If you still face any issues contact us at the helpline number.

How do I book a diagnostic test?

To book a diagnostic test, choose a test from our website, upload the prescription if it is needed, pay, and confirm your booking with the time and date that is suitable for you.

Are the labs owned by Neuroncy?

The labs that are listed in our website are not owned by Neuroncy, but have partnered with us. The quality of service that they provide are ensured by Neuroncy.

How do I check my diagnostics order status?

The status of your diagnostic service can be viewed from your profile in the website and will be informed to you through WhatsApp or messages as per your choice.

Will I need a prescription to book a test?

The tests that will require prescription will be marked. Prescriptions for those tests will need to be uploaded to book the test.

How can I modify the tests or appointment time in my diagnostics order?

All users can modify their tests or appointments. Rescheduling must be done 1 hour prior to the pre-booked time. No extra charges will be taken for rescheduling tests and appointments.

What do I do if the phlebotomist is late for sample collection?

Contact helpline

What to do if the name and/or price on the invoice and report are incorrect?

Contact helpline

Where to complain if the phlebotomist behaves unprofessionally?

One can complaint against any matter at our given helpline number or e-mail.

What do I do if extra is collected from me for the tests?

Contact helpline for further support from Neuroncy.

What do I do if extra is collected from me for the tests?

Contact helpline for further support from Neuroncy.

What do I do if I receive a different report of test/package than what I selected?

Contact us through helpline number or e-mail.

Does the transportation affect the quality of reports? Are the samples safe during transit?

If transportation time is very long then it affects quality of reports. Blood samples are transported in less than 6 hours in a temperature range of 20-24°C as per guidelines issued by WHO. The laboratories who have partnered with Neuroncy follow these guidelines and thus your samples are kept safe during transit. Thus, the quality of your reports are not compromised.

What should I do if some of the test results are showing abnormal results?

If your results exceed the normal range, you can easily book an appointment with the concerned specialist at a hospital of your choice from our website

What is the timing of sample collection from my home?

Sample collection starts from 8am-12noon and again from 4pm-8pm. You can easily choose a time suitable for you within this range.

Are there special offers for repeat customers?

We would love to extend our support to the customers who have been regularly using our website. Coupon codes will be sent to their registered mobile numbers and e-mails which can be used to avail discount. T&C applied.

Can I make payment after I get the reports?

There are total three ways of payment:

  1. Full payment at the time of booking.
  2. Pay to home collection agent.
  3. Pay at the center you are visiting for availing your service.
What is the quality assurance from Neuroncy? Do laboratory accreditations matter?

The laboratories that have collaborated with us are either NABL or ISO certified. The ones that are not are have their quality assured by Neuroncy.

How do I know if the reports belong to me?

To check if the reports belong to you, first check the name in the report. If there is an issue, contact helpline. A QR code will also be available to check your details

Is the phlebotomist qualified for sample collection?

Neuroncy assured the qualifications of the sample collectors that are sent to your home.

I have booked a test but didn’t get a call from your side.

Contact the helpline number or e-mail with your corresponding booking/order number.

How can I register a complaint?

Complaints can be registered via the helpline number or e-mail address provided

Can I download the PDF of my reports online?

A copy of your report will be sent to you via e-mail from where you can easily download. Your profile section in our website will also have copies of all your previous reports from where you can download. If you still face any issue downloading the reports, please feel free to contact our helpline number or e-mail.

How will I get a receipt for the payment made?

Receipt of payment can be received in the following ways:

  1. Receipt will be sent to e-mail if payment is done online and can be downloaded from e-mail.
  2. If payment is done to phlebotomist who is visiting your house then you will receive a hard copy bill.
  3. If payment is done at the center, then the center provides with the bill
What if any of my tests are cancelled?

If tests are cancelled due to technical issues, then you will be informed beforehand. If payment was already done, then you will be reimbursed accordingly.

I did not receive hard copy of my reports.

Hardcopy of reports take 3-5 business days to be delivered. If you still not receive your report, please contact us through our helpline number or via e-mail.

I did not receive soft copy of my reports.

Soft copy of reports will be sent to your e-mail and will be present in your profile section at the website. If you still do not receive the reports, please contact us through our helpline number or via e-mail.

When can you arrange for sample collection after I book my tests?

The user selects time for sample collection from home. You can choose any time suitable for you.

Is a doctor’s prescription mandatory to avail the testing services?

Some tests will need the prescription of the doctor. It will be mentioned there while you book the test.



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